in views

Mit dieser Corona-konform als Window Exhibition konzipierten und von Conmidea e.V. kuratierten Reihe wurden im CO³ Kurzfilme internationaler Künstler*innen gezeigt.

24.1.2021: View #2 – „Between Men“ by Mohamed Al-Bakeri, Ägypten

21.2.2021: View #3 – „Baby Maybe“ by Labkhand Olfatmanesh, Iran/USA

18.4.2021: View #4 – „Tunis” by Lia Sáile, Germany

23.5.2021: View #5 – „How to remove writings from bills using nail polish remover” by Soukaina Joual, Marokko

14.6.2021: View #6 – „Down to earth“ by Roshanak Zangeneh, Germany/Iran/Egypt

International short films on display as window screenings in Cologne

In November 2020 started the short film series “in views”, hosted by the public charity “Contemporary Middle East e. V.” in Cologne’s hip district of Ehrenfeld. The series consists of a row of window screenings, with a shop-window becoming the stage for presenting art to the audience on its daily paths.

The title of the series does stand for both, the views of the audience through the glass, but also the views of the various artists involved in this project on their personal artistic perspectives and vantage points on the various relations and connections between Western and Middle East culture. By taking individual topics in their view, the artists offer us, the audience, new chances of widening our views. Whether all agree on every provocative aspect discussed in the films or whether this may open up a dialog on different perspectives and views, remains exciting.

After an international Open Call the audience in Cologne will be presented 6 films from different filmmakers and video-artists. Most of the works are on display in Germany for the first time.

The window:

Six short films will be presented in a shop-window in Cologne. The window serves as both, the projection of the film and the amplification of its soundtrack. Without any visible speakers, the street is filled with sound, giving the audience a bodily and intriguing experience that goes beyond the visible attraction.
The concept of such a window screening meets perfectly with the current pandemic-related demand for distancing, as the viewers stay on the street, taking part and ‘entering’ emotionally and intellectually, but not physically.

About Us…

Contemporary Middle East. e.V. ( is a Cologne-based association, founded in 2019 with the purpose of artists support, cultural education and exchange specifically between Western and Middle East cultures. Our goal is to initiate and curate unconventional exhibition-formats, which enable a broad, generation-spanning, socially diverse and multicultural audience to participate in a dialogue about current perspectives on how to come together and understand each other in society, culture or religion – with art being the mediator and catalyst for that dialogue.



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